Straight Gate

About This Project

Mark Wenner provided Studio A and Studio B’s designs for Straight Gate International Church’s studios in Detroit, Michigan, while managing the construction initiated by local contractors.

Wenner initially designed the smaller Studio B, which features an SSL 6048 console with automated faders, using laser aligned Genelec 1237A SAM main monitors. This modest control room was accompanied by two adjoining isolation areas primarily used for overdubs.

Studio A’s design work came a few years after Studio B and was a larger Wenner option, utilizing larger square footage for the control room and tracking area, primarily used for large choir and full rhythm section recordings. Featured equipment in this control room was a DigiDesign D-Command workstation and a larger sound pressure speaker choice, the Genelec 1234A SAM for main monitors. The tracking room is large enough for a choir of  50 people.


Detroit, MI

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