Acoustic Treatments

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Acoustic Treatments

Acoustic Treatments

Studio Construction Service, Inc. has been designing and building a wide variety of acoustic treatment systems for a long list of satisfied clients in the recording, performance, and radio industry for more than three decades. It has taken years to develop and perfect the methods and materials required to “doing something right”. Our final product surpasses what is readily available in the industry. We’ve designed and built studio to studio, facility after facility, experimenting with various approaches, testing the room, and our procedures before and after the installation of our products. That’s what has defined us as leaders in this area of specialty. Classic cloth, wood, and tight tolerances are difficult to match.

Acoustic a-koos’tik adj. of the sense of hearing; of sounds; of acoustics, properties (eg of a room or hall) determining how clearly sounds can be heard in it; (treated as sing) the branch of physics dealing with sound.

Fr,- Gr akousitkos - akouein - to hear

Modular Acoustic Treatments

Definition of Product: Treatments designed and fabricated to install and or to be re-installed at new studio locations, (if you plan to move) more easily than “built in” installations. They’re typically standard sizes, which apply to the material that’s used to produce that panel. (i.e. 2’x2’, 2’x4’, 4×4’, 4’x8’), with custom sized available upon request.

Typically used for: Recording studio application, ProTools workstation areas, for engineers mix or critical listening positions (i.e. video post rooms, TV rooms), isolation, tracking or talent rooms, voice-over rooms, sound lock corridors, radio broadcast rooms, performance rooms, attenuation of office, meeting or noise problem areas, etc.

    1. Wall absorbers
    2. Wall diffuser/absorbers
    3. Wide band wall absorbers
    4. Diffusers
    5. Corner traps

Custom Acoustic Treatments

Definition of product: Designed and fabricated to custom specifications and sizing, and installed to achieve higher standards of acoustic performance, and visual appearance.

Typically used for: Recording facilities, radio broadcast, TV and video post facilities, church assembly halls, etc.

    1. Wave guide walls and geometry, for attenuation of room modes
    2. Deep, (wide band frequencies) pressure absorption
    3. Bass traps
    4. Wall and ceiling systems that incorporate HVAC penetration attenuation, or air silencing and movement
    5. Walls that incorporate speaker systems, TV/monitor systems or equipment isolation boxes, custom sound locks, doors and talent windows
    6. Double wall or mechanically isolated floor systems
    7. Tuned traps or Helmholtz resonator systems

*Note: Designing a room from ground up, using a reputable acoustic consultant/studio designer is the place to start. It reduces the amount of mistakes an inexperienced person is going to make during this complicated process. If your studio is already built, the acoustical math is set in motion by the boundaries of that room. We will be the ones left to deal with the formula, in a most efficient and cost effective manner. Call us!

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